Who is March Forward Virginia?
March Forward Virginia (MFV) was formerly known as the Women’s March on Washington-Virginia Chapter. MFV were the state-level organizers for the 2017 women’s march and has continued the message and spirit of that historic day. We are collaborating with March On and this march can be found on their website, along with many other women’s marches planned for the weekend of Jan 20-21 2018.

Do you have a permit?
Yes, we have secured all necessary permits

Where will we meet?
We will be meeting at the reflecting pool facing the Lincoln Memorial. Speakers will be on the steps leading up to the memorial

What time does the event start?
The rally will start at 11 a.m. and will feature several speakers. We expect to start the march around 1 p.m.

What is the march route?
We will release details of the march route closer to the 20th.

Can I bring a poster/sign?
YES! Just make sure that there are no metal or wood posts to hold it up. Cardboard only please.

What can I not bring?
No Tripods, Chairs, tables, balloons, glass containers, . This is National Park Service policy which we must follow.

Who are the speakers?
We will publish the speakers for the Rally on Monday January 15th.

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